Chap1 Productions is new in terms of a company however, the people behind it have years of experience. The motivation behind this venture is simple, everyone has a story. People, businesses, non-profits… Everyone. We love storytelling through film, animation and design. So, to us, this is a natural relationship. Chap1 is based out of Odessa, Texas but, thanks to the wonders of the internet, we have worked with clients all across Texas, Oklahoma and Colorado!

where our story begins

Chap1 Productions is the culmination of years of experience and hard work. The creator of Chap1 Productions, Toby Chambers, has been involved in video production, graphic design and web design for 10+ years. On top of his experience, Toby has also had extensive training, resulting in two Bachelor of Science degrees. Those degrees are in the related fields of Web Design and Development and a Digital Cinematography degree.

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Video Production

We get super “geeked out” about video production.

laugh until you snort

Video is such a powerful medium. Stories can evoke every response imaginable, anger, hate, happiness, sadness, love! While we prefer to focus on emotions like happiness and love, sometimes you need to tell a sad story. The point is video can make people feel and that is what we are passionate about. We love nothing more than to get goose bumps watching a video because it hits us at our core or to laugh until we snort! Sometimes you just can’t control it. Our goal is to use our gifts and talents to help you reach that personal level with your audience.

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Web Design

Our web design team will work hard to get you a polished website, that represents you or your company. let’s have a heart to heart first… Web design and development is not always a quick process. That’s the truth. It takes time, in some cases, it takes more time than ot read more

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